Ski a 9.6 kilometre groomed trail network running through the forested, rolling hills of Grey County between Owen Sound and Meaford. Enjoy the solitude and beauty of a back-country ski with the added bonus of track-set grooming for classic cross country skiing (with two sets of tracks in many areas).

You’ll find a mix of trails from easy to intermediate, and while Massie Hills has its share of hills, including some steep sections, there’s nothing too extreme or too long.

The Owen Sound Cross Country Ski Club maintains the trails on Grey Sauble Conservation property, and our dedicated groomers head out early in the morning at least twice a week – with an additional second weekend groom when Mother Nature has been extra generous.

The varied terrain and mix of cedar, pine and hardwood bush makes the area excellent for snowshoeing treks – enjoyed best when you venture into the virgin snow well off to the side of the tracks. (Please be very mindful of the tracks.)

You’ll find donation boxes for day passes at either trail entrance, but we’d love to have you join us as members – ski all winter and support the maintenance of the trails by our hard-working volunteers.

Beginning in the 2020-2021 season, day-users will be able to pay by cash at either end of the trail or by e-transfer at

Please help preserve the hard work of our groomers. No snowshoeing, animals, or walking on the track-set ski trails.

Sunny Saturday

Paul is just finishing up with grooming. It's beautiful in the woods – get out there while we have snow. It's a bit thin through the pines in the north end. There is moisture seeping through on the Yellow trail, and the west downhill on the Blue trail is not in good shape. Other than

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It’s Back!

Carl is grooming that beautiful dump of snow that we received yesterday and should be finished by mid day. He says it's looking pretty good! Nice timing for the Family Day weekend. We anticipate excellent conditions for the next few days, with our regular weekend grooming on schedule. Enjoy!

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Trails Closed

Unfortunately, there is not enough snow cover to keep the trails open. It's only February 7th; surely there will be more winter ahead. Snow dance!

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Skiing not recommended

Just got word from Beaver Valley Ski Club, our ski exchange partners for the week, that conditions are not suitable for skiing. We are no longer recommending skiing at Massie due to thin and icy conditions. If your skis are itching to get out, both Scenic Caves and Highlands Nordic have big groomers that renovate

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Still open…

The groomers have been out this morning and report that there still is a good base. It might not last next week given the current forecast. It is fast and rocky in spots. you may want to avoid the big hills and go in from the north entrance.

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